AGE - 9 YRS. - 15 YRS. 

TIME : 10AM - 3PM


New for Compass Adventure this year, Go Sailing Level 3! One of our #1 requested programs to be created.


- This is a week long Program! 

- Designed to Grow your Sailing hours


This Program mixes "experience" and "knowledge" of our week long intensive programs and our long term Academy programs. In Level 3 the student will be able to dive into specific sailing drills and accomplishments while starting to build on the Learn to Sail base and getting "on water hours" in. Sailors will be given a chance to reflect from one sailing session to the next. The program is not only delivered in a new format but taught in one as well. Our coaches will be offering individual feed back sessions as well as group debriefs. This helps young sailors to build upon their skills and help to drive their own personal success. 

Go Sailing Level 3 WEEKLONG

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  • Sailing School Refund Policy

     - Bookings that are made and subsequently cancelled up to 30 days prior to the date of the commencement of the program/course will receive a full refund.


    Between 30 days and 15 days clients will receive 50% refund. Between 14 days and commencement clients will receive 25% refund. After the day of commencement there will be no refunds.